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Bacon, Super & Eggs Seminar & Webinar

Friday, 19 May 2017 

7.30am (sharp) to 9.00am (sharp)

Venue: State Room, Hilton Hotel, Level 2, 488 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000


MORE TINKERING WITH SUPER: GOVERNMENT CHANGES AND THE 2016 AND 2017 BUDGETS | Tony Negline – Financial & Technical Solutions Pty Ltd
Tony’s session will explore the changes announced by the Federal Government over the last year including the 2016 and 2017 Federal Budgets. He will especially focus on how effective super is for those yet to retire.
THE CGT EXEMPTION CONFUSION | Michael Hallinan – Townsends Lawyers
Michael’s session will focus on the mechanics of making a CGT election: what actions have to be undertaken before or on 30 June 2017: what trustee resolutions should be made and how they should be worded; and what actions need to be undertaken after 30 June 2017.
Recent changes to the LRBA rules are yet another example of the Government limiting the scope and effectiveness of self-managed super to benefit their constituency in the public offer funds. But will the changes effectively kill off LRBAs? Is it really all doom and gloom? Brian Hor reviews the new rules and ponders whether this latest threat may yet give rise to opportunities.Our May breakfast seminar will be all about the Budget.
With the Government having telegraphed that there will be changes to superannuation concessions all that remains is
to find out just how drastic these changes will be.
Both sides of the political aisle have difficulties with self managed super, with the Coalition favouring retail funds and
Labor of course supporting industry funds. It therefore comes as no surprise that the Government senses that
changes to SMSFs will cost them little skin in the election and be supported by the Opposition.
We’ll all know what the changes are by the time of the seminar so Michael Hallinan will analyse them in greater depth
and comment on how they might affect the SMSF sector generally and planning strategies more specifically.
Depending on how extensive the Budget changes are, and therefore the length of Michael’s presentation, we’ll discuss
some other issues as well. Any topic we don’t get to cover can be held over until next time.
Brian Hor will talk about inter-generational wealth transfer in light of the Budget and whether the Budget has curbed
the use of super as a wealth transfer vehicle.
Julie Hartley will look at the Tips and Traps of trying to decide whether a person is a Part 8 Associate of a member.
Peter Townsend will advise why you cannot sign a trust deed in NSW electronically.
We look forward to seeing you for a terrific breakfast and plenty of useful discussion on self managed superannuation.


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